About Educational Resources, Inc.

Who We Are

PrintWe are innovators in employee training, management training, and overall professional development for small businesses, mid-size companies, and large corporations. With customized programs and top-notch instruction, our team of experts enables clients to harness the newest tools and technology, implement solutions, and succeed in a competitive global marketplace with improved job performance, customer service, and quality control.

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What We Do

Educational Resources, Inc. (ERI) specializes in customized workplace education programs to meet training requirements and support professional development for employers with unique needs.

ERI offers classroom, virtual, or blended learning environments in your area or at our headquarters in the Washington Metro Area. Internet and computer-based training means students benefit from learning at their own pace and convenience.

Strong partnerships with industry representatives allow ERI to stay one step ahead of your concerns and requirements, so that you stay a step ahead of your competitors, retain and develop talent, and see measurable returns on investment.

Our training programs include basic and advanced technical and non-technical courses and custom test preparation programs that support business process improvement projects, reorganizations, employee development initiatives, new technology implementations, and communications processes.

ERI programs provide:

  • clear objectives
  • a customized approach, including classroom, virtual, or blended learning environments
  • flexibility and follow-through
  • follow-up support and feedback surveys
  • detailed course material
  • engaging, interactive training methods from dedicated, credentialed instructional staff

Client benefits include:

  • heightened competitive advantage in the global marketplace
  • increase morale/retention and technical expertise
  • enhanced employee ROI/increased productivity
  • increased employee confidence and motivation to pursue further education and training
  • superior customer service ability
  • streamlined operations
  • increased revenue

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Who We Serve

ERI serves a diverse clientele, from Fortune 500 companies and federal government agencies to small and mid-sized companies. Our classes and programs are designed for managers, sales associates, field technicians, customer service representatives, help desk staff, staff recruiters, and quality assurance personnel. We’ve developed customized solutions based on client needs for Anheuser-Busch, Verizon, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, The Alliance for Employee Growth and Development, and Volvo Trucks North America as well as built long-term relationships with clients, such as AT&T, due to ongoing needs for many years.

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Our Background & Experience

With a collective four decades of experience, ERI has developed and implemented more than 10,000 workforce education and training programs in more than 250 cities nationwide that offer lifetime professional development value to employees and maximize competitive advantages and opportunities for clients.

With roots in the communications industry, ERI’s founders developed skills in program design and training delivery by working in the business, working with associates, and finally developing an understanding of the future of the industry. ERI has served more than 50,000 employees since 1993 so that they and the organizations they work for can meet the demands of a globally competitive marketplace.

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Meet Our Founders

Charlie Wortmann
Founder and President

Charlie Wortmann 2Charlie drew on his long history of leadership and training in the communications industry to found Educational Resources, Inc. in 1993. Since then, ERI has developed and delivered thousands of hours in customized instructor-led, web-based, and virtual training programs to employees at 200 locations in all 50 states and internationally.

“We help people perform better and advance in their organization,” he says. “It continues to be very rewarding to see our programs and services help people in their life, their work, and their community. We’ve done everything from teaching people to read to fiber optics certification. We’re doing something that’s truly meaningful.”

Prior to founding ERI, Charlie held various field and staff positions over his 30-year career with Bell Atlantic (now Verizon). As director of training and development, he was responsible for the oversight of career development and education programs for represented employees. He was eventually appointed President and CEO of Bell Atlantic Education Services, Inc., to serve the national training marketplace. Clients included Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, AT&T, DEC, and GE. Charlie earned his undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in business administration from Fairleigh Dickenson University in New Jersey. Charlie lives in Sussex County, N.J., with his wife, where he’s active in his community and serves on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross of Northern New Jersey. He has three grown children as well as six grandchildren and enjoys golf and boating.

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Linda Kidder
Founder and Vice President

Linda Kidder 2Linda is a nationally recognized educator of adults in the workplace, with innovative training models and instructional material that have proven extremely effective in educating adult learners in the workplace. She has extensive experience training numerous Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies and a well-regarded reputation for developing, implementing, and directing nationally recognized workplace education programs.

“The excitement of seeing people learn and progress in their careers is what drives me the most,” she says. “We use creativity and product customization to solve problems for organizations.”

Linda joined ERI in 1993 as Director of Adult Learning. She drives course development as well as the implementation of workplace education programs. Linda directs the recruitment of ERI’s exceptional network of partners, who are an essential part of the firm’s ability to deliver comprehensive and effective programs.

She directs the concept development, construction and delivery of nationally recognized workplace education programs and remains directly involved in the recruitment of a national network of delivery experts who form the core of ERI’s capability.

Prior to joining ERI, Linda was director of Adult Learning at Verizon Communications for 18 years. Before entering the corporate world, Linda had a long and distinguished career in public education, teaching science at the high school and community college levels. She concentrated her efforts on adult learning programs in the public and private sectors. Linda also served on the Fairfax County School Board for Exceptional Children from 1984 to 1990.

Linda earned a bachelor of science degree in education from Purdue University, and a master of science degree in guidance and counseling from the University of Maine. She lives with her husband, dogs, and chickens on 11 acres in Northern Virginia. She has three grown children, four grandchildren, and enjoys reading and gardening.

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Meet Our Instructors

Mike Kralina

Mike KralinaMike has built a decades-long career developing in-house and virtual/online curriculum and training in electronics and communications for Fortune 500 companies.  With exceptional diagnostic and technical knowledge, he works with business analysts, end users, subject matter experts, and clients to create programs based upon user requirements for daily tasks.

After developing his interest and skill in electronics in the military, Mike’s passion for technology drove his career in a rapidly changing area of expertise.

“In the early days, you did one of two things: you were either a HAM radio operator or worked in a TV repair shop. Those were the only electronics,” he says. “Now, I attend the biggest electronics show in the world; I study, research and buy every new technology. I usually come up with a solution for a company before they even know it exists. When I teach a class, they know I’m absolutely, positively in love with it. And when you love something like that, students listen.”

Mike has held numerous technical training, instructional design, engineering and project management positions throughout his career in the St. Louis, Missouri area, including roles at GlaxoSmithKline, Citation Computer Company, and Ideal Electronics. He also authored the text book Statistical Process Control for Analyst Qualification, published in 1999.

Mike holds a master’s degree in engineering sciences from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois and bachelor of arts degree in business finance from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.  He’s also a certified training manager/director, master trainer, and e-learning specialist and holds a lifetime Missouri State Technical School teaching license in the fields of electronics, mathematics and computer science.

A private pilot and flight instructor in his spare time, Mike lives in Chesterfield, Missouri, with his wife of 45 years. He’s also very proud of his grown daughter, an executive at JP Morgan.

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Paul Ulasien

UlasienPaul is a business professional with more than 30 years of experience in training consulting, education, and entrepreneurship. He is also a nationally recognized freelance business writer and journalist serving on the Advisory Panel of Faulkner Information Services.

In his role with ERI, Paul serves as program manager and a technical trainer for Alliance Article 43, which encompasses employee certification programs at AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, and Avaya.

“I love to teach,” he says. “I love sharing what I know with people who are trying to learning. We are all born with a gift and I think this is mine.”

Paul has been an adjunct professor of graduate business studies and in 2011 he was awarded an advance facilitator certification. He holds dual masters degrees in business administration, industrial-organizational psychology and specializes in the areas of educating and training older adults. In July 2015, he was awarded a bronze medal in the International Automotive Media Competition for his training article Teaching and Old Dog Some New Tricks, The Issues of Training in an Aging Workforce. He has also authored two books, The Corporate Rat Race: The Rats are Winning (2006) and The Power of a Grace Perspective (2012). Also in 2012, he was a presenter at the Sloan Consortium’s 5th Annual International Symposium on the topic of Learning Technologies and Strategies for an Aging Population – Does One Size Fit All?

In July 2016, Paul became a recipient of the Tabbie Silver Medal Award from TABPI (Trade Association Business Publication International) for his article dealing with the anxieties of change and training in the workplace.

Paul has two grown sons and lives with his wife near Tuscon, Arizona, where he enjoys attending car shows and hiking in his spare time.

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John Esseck

J EsseckJohn is a teacher and trainer with more than three decades of experience. He has taught numerous courses in many venues and programs, from basic literacy to how to fly an airplane.

“I’m about the Socratic approach,” John says. “People learn by questioning rather than just repeating facts. That’s part of helping people learn how to think. I want them to understand. I listen as much as I teach. And I do a lot of research on how the brain works so that I can use a format that people understand.”

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in economics, John entered the US Air Force where he spent more than a decade as both a flight and academic instructor, travelling the world and teaching American and foreign students to fly jet aircraft.

John continued to teach and instruct after leaving the military and has taught at every level from local literacy programs to post-secondary classes in both the technical school and community/junior-college environment. His teaching has also taken him into the judicial system where he has taught in jails and prisons, and he also spent time as a counselor in a residential treatment facility for juvenile males.

John teaches core courses, communications and public speaking, computers, personal and professional development, job-search skills, social-media marketing, and both copper and fiber optic cabling. But he is particularly proud of his ability to teach math to students of all ages and at all levels, and he teaches numerous courses in this area.

John currently lives near his childhood home in the hills of western Pennsylvania where he spends his time cooking, learning, teaching and working with troubled, disenfranchised and at-risk young adults in his community.

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Debra Lehr

Deb LehrDebra has more than two decades of teaching experience, but still draws on memories of her very first job for key perspective in her role as a corporate trainer specializing in software programs and soft skills.

“I had no experience,” she recalls. “They walked me to my desk and said here’s your computer. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness’ … I didn’t know what to do and there was no training.”

But she figured it out. Now, she loves giving others what she wished she had back then. Today, Debra customizes experiences for beginners or advanced learners within corporations, state agencies, and community programs. Her training has focused mainly on Microsoft Office, but she has also trained in custom software programs.

After a stint in business school, Debra amassed her skills and knowledge working in a range of capacities at a variety of companies. She served as a secretary for an accounting firm, sold health club memberships, and developed newsletters for a corporate communications department. In all of those roles, she noticed the value of the technical and non-technical skills she teaches today and the growing need for quality training.

Debra lives in the suburbs of Minneapolis. She has two grown children, four grandchildren, and a passion for health and fitness. She’s also active with her church and has embarked on mission trips to several countries, including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Dominican Republic, and Israel.

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Kevin Logan

Kevin LoganKevin reinvented himself and launched a new career based on deep telecommunications expertise gleaned from more than two decades in the industry. For the past several years, he has taught fiber optics and cloud computing using a variety of face-to-face, hybrid and virtual platforms, including Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard, Canvas, and Desire2Learn.

“I embrace the value of telecommunication, technology, and understanding networking infrastructure,” he says. “I’m always looking to be better so I can be better for the individuals I’m teaching. It’s a passion for me, seeing individuals in that a-ha moment.”

Kevin’s keys to success as a consultant and adjunct faculty member include consistency and engaging material. His career includes stints at Bell Laboratories Corporation, C&P Telephone, Bell Atlantic, and Verizon. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.

Kevin lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with his wife. He has three grown children and loves to spend time with family and ride motorcycles.

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