Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Fiber Characterization (CFOS/FC)

Geoff Myers

Category: Certification

Length: 24 hours

Prerequisite: CFOT or CPCT


This specialist certification examines fiber optic testing for the purposes of characterizing long-distance fibers used in very high speed WDM networks. It is intended for technicians involved in the design, installation, or testing of fiber networks. Training sessions cover the theory of single-mode fiber characteristics (spectral attenuation [SA], chromatic dispersion [CD] and polarization mode dispersion [PMD]); test equipment, test methods, and standards; inspecting and cleaning connectors correctly as a preparation for any testing; a review of insertion loss testing and optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR testing); a focus on advanced tests and methods (SA, CD, PMD); and an understanding of measurement errors in tests.

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