CompTIA IT Fundamentals

Geoff Myers

Category: Certification

Length: 32 classroom/32 virtual hours

Prerequisite: None


The CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification ensures a knowledge of PC components, functionality, compatibility, and related technology topics. The exam covers technology and computer hardware basics, compatibility issues and common errors, software installation and functions, security risks and prevention. The exam will also assess the candidate’s knowledge of Green IT and preventative maintenance of computers. Candidate job roles may include any of the following in information technology environments: sales associate, sales engineer, account manager, business development manager, product or marketing specialist, or entry-level customer support. The IT Fundamentals certification is ideal for individuals preparing to enter the IT workforce and professionals changing careers to IT or technology-related fields. The certificate can be a stepping-stone to higher certifications in CompTIA A+, and, with specialized experience, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.

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