ENUM, DNS, NAPTR, and VoIP Peering

Geoff Myers

Category: Telecommunications Design & Distribution

Length: 8 hours

Prerequisite: None


With Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) networks expanding worldwide it is important for telecommunications support personnel to have a thorough understanding of ENUM, DNS, NAPTR, and VoIP Peering. This course covers ENUM’s ability to translate telephone numbers into Internet addresses; the role of ENUM and DNS NAPTR protocols in the development that will allow for locating and mapping of SIP servers and the user address locations for multiple SIP devices from a single SIP address; how the combination of NAPTR Records and Service Records allows the changing of multiple records to form rewrite rules which produce new domain name labels or uniform resource identifiers (URIs); and Peering and ViPR and how service providers are connecting to allow a complete IP-to-IP experience. All telecommunications support personnel who are involved in DNS and VoIP/SIP will benefit from this new course.

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