Why Educational Resources Inc.?

“Patient and knowledgeable instructors guide you to successfully reach the goals that you set, not just blindly following a text. I’d encourage everyone to take advantage of them.”

Educate. Reinvent. Innovate.

These form the foundation of ERI. We educate through comprehensive, engaging material in customized courses like those we have developed for AT&T, Avaya, Nokia, Anheuser-Busch, and Volvo Trucks North America.

We help you reinvent yourself through our courses and training. We innovate learning, so it’s lively and interactive, and best maximizes your individual learning styles, needs, and schedules.

We succeed when you succeed. Thousands of workers across the country have realized their potential and made significant professional contributions. We know the industry and the people. But we’ll let the numbers do the talking:

50,000+ Students

Serving tens of thousands of technical and non-technical employees, so they can meet the demands of a globally competitive marketplace

250+ Cities

On-site education and training in 250+ cities, saving money and reducing or eliminating travel, and maximizing the student’s schedule in the student’s optimal environment

24+ Years

24+ years collaborating with major unions, Fortune 500 companies, and federal government agencies to identify issues and to develop and implement educational and training programs; adding lifetime value to individuals professionally and personally, and giving organizations like yours a competitive edge

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